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The proven paving joint compound 

The easiest paving joint compound 

The sustainable paving joint compound for narrow joints 

First class quality. Floor coating and pavement jointing mortar by ROMEX®.

ROMEX® has made it their objective, to carry out projects for the development of innovative, biologically based, degradable and at the same time cost effective biopolymers. ROMEX® as manufacturer of highly loadbearing industrial floor coatings made of epoxy and polyurethane as well as mortar products, which for the most part are used outdoors and remain there usually until the end of their life cycle, ROMEX® has a big interest in binding agents, which will decompose into non hazardous substances.


Incredible Strength and Durability

The new and improved formula means Romex Jointing Compounds are stronger, long lasting and incredibly durable. Specifically designed for the UK climate.



Romex products boast fantastic frost resistance due to never trapping water “between a rock and a hard place”, avoiding the damaging effects of expansion as water freezes.



Prevents weeds from forming underneath and between slabs, helping to ensure your new paving stands the test of time. Romex stops them in their tracks.



Romex revolutionized the jointing compound options, helping to place them as a market leader. This means strict high standards for each product so you can be confident in your choice of Romex Jointing Compounds. Production and QA are controlled through centralized fabrication in Germany to DIN ISO 9001:2000.

Our Bestsellers


The proven pavement jointing mortar

  • for joint widths from 3mm
  • 25 N/mm2: traffic loads up to 7.5 to
  • best flow capability
  • self compacting
  • water emulsifiable
  • ideal for polygonal slabs
  • water permeable, frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • colour-intensive resin film


The easiest pavement jointing mortar

  • for joint widths from 5mm
  • 7 N/mm2: light traffic loads up to 3.5 to
  • suitable for most types of stone
  • water permeable
  • frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • can be applied during a drizzle
  • no need to cover the area during a drizzle
  • mixed ready to use, vacuum packed

ROMPOX ® - ULTRA (EcoFine)

The strong, sustainable pavement jointing mortar

  • for joint widths from 3mm
  • 20 N/mm2: traffic loads up to  3.5 to
  • almost resin film free
  • usable around pools
  • suitable for 2cm thick ceramic slabs
  • water permeable, frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • suitable for almost all types of stone
  • can be applied during a drizzle
  • no need to cover the area during drizzle
  • mixed rerady to use, vacuum packed

Watch out: ROMPOX ® – D1

Watch out: ROMPOX ® – EASY

Watch out: ROMPOX ® – ULTRA (EcoFine)



Excellently competent. Experience and expert knowledge with modern building materials for 30 years.

Paving Slab Jointing Compound

Our range of paving slab jointing compounds are oriented towards the various requirements needed from joints. ROMEX® paving slab jointing compound systems offer solutions for weeds, frost and displacement with natural and porcelain paving and offers an permanent and visually attractive appearance.

Colour Enhancing Sealant

Our sealants have been designed with various requirements in mind and work incredibly well with natural stone, ensuring your paving lasts much longer while locking in the incredible natural colours.


Worldwide, ROMEX® counts as one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic resin based paving jointing compounds. As well as having a production facility, all research and development, sales and quality management are managed by ROMEX®, thus offering clients modern building materials and innovative solutions, which has been for more than 30 years. ROMEX® has developed a concept with our partners that offers our clients the highest possible degree of certainty through product quality and flawless application. Top end products manufactured in our own production facility and professionally qualified application by ROMEX®.